Paco Camús

Graphic designer of the old school, artisan of the illustration, interior designer experienced in a thousand projects, fleeting poet, cook in continuous boiling, inventor of mechanisms, collage artist. Paco Camús has always liked to play with the different tools of creativity.

His professional career says that he is more a designer than an artist, but sometimes his designs are obstinate in saying that he is more an artist than a designer.

The truth is that the design of furniture has always been the backbone of his work. His designs can be found in some of the most exclusive stores in the world.

He has been required as a jury in design competitions and as a lecturer to explain the particularities of his work.

Throughout his career he has nuanced and enriched his creative language to the point of achieving a personal and recognizable discourse, which does not prevent him from adapting to the specific requirements of each project and seeking excellence in every detail.